empowered birth
A Calm and Empowered Birth: Marie and Eden’s Story
Marie enjoyed a calm and empowered birth after attending Daisy Birthing classes in Derbyshire with Katie Halliwell.  Here, she shares
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oxytocin love hormone
The Power of Oxytocin – The Hormone of Love!
Oxytocin – or the ‘love hormone’ as it’s sometimes known – plays a huge part in the process of labour,
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Your Awesome Cervix!
Following on from Ceri’s last blog post about your incredible uterus in all its glory, let us now marvel at
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The uterus is amazing
The Uterus: 5 Reasons to Shout About your Beautiful Birthing Body!
Your body is amazing.  It’s a baby-making, baby-growing and baby-birthing wonder.  And it’s high time we celebrated our bodies and
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A Wonderful, Positive Birth Story: Raphaela and Nina
Raphaela attended 2 terms of Daisy Birthing in Bebington on the Wirral with Tracy McGinn.  Here she shares her wonderful,
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It’s Time to Talk About Weaning…
Weaning your baby can seem like a minefield.  There may be well-meaning advice given about what may be best for
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Traumatic Birth
Mama Truths: Traumatic Birth – What Does it Look Like?
My name is Fi and I had a traumatic birth experience. On the face of it I had a perfect
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Pregnant and Emotional? You’re Not Alone!
Sometimes it seems that the words ‘pregnant and emotional’ go hand in hand!  Pregnancy is a time when the body
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Daisy Parent
Does a Birth Partner Need to Prepare? Yes!! Read on to Find Out Why….
One of the most important roles at any birth is that of the birth partner.  You may not know as
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Enjoy being pregnant?
Mama Truths: Do You Enjoy Being Pregnant? If Not, It’s Ok!
Did you enjoy being pregnant – or if you are currently pregnant at the moment would you say that you
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