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Class Description


A workshop for mum and her birth partner covering everything you need to know about labour. You’ll get expert advice to help you achieve an active, informed and confident birth. You will both get the space to prepare as a team to confidently plan for your baby’s birth day.

The Daisy Birthing Active Birth Workshop helps expectant mums and birth partners prepare together for an active and confident birth.

Firstly we take the best elements of traditional antenatal education workshops, hypnobirthing and active birth classes. Secondly we wrap them together to create one powerful workshop. This is the second step of your continuous perinatal support, taking you from pregnancy through the first 18 months. Allowing you the confidence that comes from realising you can both do this.

Your workshop will include:

Antenatal Education. Understanding the labour journey, then learning how to confidently work with your body to help labour move along.
Next we’ll work through common decisions that may need to be made.
We’ll also discuss what interventions you may encounter and how to prepare for them.

Active birth education.
You’ll learn techniques, positions and movements for labour and also how to encourage the natural birthing process.
We’ll discuss the role of hormones. Learning how to build the labour friendly ones, and limit ones that may slow the process.
You will have a chance to practice and get comfortable with the techniques you’ve learnt.

Advice on getting prepared.
We’ll discuss where to give birth, when to contact the midwife and the labour environment (thinking about building those hormones).

Breathing, movement, relaxation and birth hypnosis techniques.
You’ll learn three Daisy breaths, for each stage of labour but also incredibly useful for every day life! You can put them together with movement and relaxation techniques to create a toolkit to manage labour.

Massage techniques for pregnancy and labour.
Learn important massage and hold methods to help lower adrenaline and encourage labour.
Then practice them alongside all the other techniques that you’ll learn.

Role of Birth Partner.
The role of a birth partner is vital. So we include tips and techniques for you to be central to the process, for all eventualities.
As a birth partner you’ll get a chance to practice techniques to calm, relax and support.

If you are trying to work out which is the best class for you, have a look at my blog post which explains more about the options or give me a call.  https://www.bethowen.uk/post/antenatal-classes-which-is-right-for-me

Important workshop information.

The Daisy Birthing Active Birth Workshop is for expectant mums and birth partner/s. Ideally attended from around 30 weeks pregnant right up until baby’s birth. Importantly, workshops are adapted to suit all pregnancy related conditions with ease.

This is perfect as a refresher course for second (or subsequent) babies as well as for first time mums. You might attend just the workshop or  combine it with weekly Daisy Birthing classes to help your prepare physically for birth.

When: Workshops are delivered in one 3.5 hour group session on Saturdays. On the drop down menu you can see the available dates.

Cost: £95 per expectant mum plus birth partner for a group session
£125 per expectant mum plus birth partner for a 1-1 online session
£175 per expectant mum plus birth partner for a 1-1 session in your home
Please contact me for availability for private sessions

Where: Check the drop down box for location, usually in West Harrow or Eastcote

I look forward to welcoming you to your Daisy Active Birth Workshop.

If you have any questions please message beth-owen@thedaisyfoundation.com or call me on 07521 280133

Additional information

Workshop Date

13th May, Online private session, Private session in your home

3. Daisy Active Birth Workshop


Please use the drop down menu to select your date and location. If you cannot see suitable dates or the class shows as unavailable or fully booked please get in touch,

Antenatal classes are currently running face to face. If there are any changes to local or national guidance which restricts us we will be live online on the same days and times as planned.

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