Beautiful, Empowering Images of Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy and birth can be a wonderful, empowering time for us as women yet often we hide behind the camera, ashamed of our growing body and unfiltered faces.  Which is ridiculous, right? Our bodies are doing the most amazing feat imaginable and we should be shouting out loud about how proud we are that we are growing, nourishing and developing entire new humans.  Here Daisy teacher Meg Hill presents a selection of her favourite empowering images of pregnancy and birth.

Maternity photoshoots and birth photographers have become more popular in recent years. Sometimes it’s only when you look back that you can see how beautifully empowered and strong you were, which is why it’s nice to have a third party there to discreetly take shots as you do your thing. But sometimes it’s the simple snaps taken by someone you love that manage to capture the pure emotion of this time. Whichever way you get your images, having them is something you’re going to be grateful of forever.

We at The Daisy Foundation believe that pregnancy and birth comes in all shapes, sizes and ways which is why we love these images taken from bump to birth. We don’t care about the stretch marks, sweat and tears – in fact, we embrace them! So step out from behind the camera and make sure some of your most cherished memories are captured forever.

The following images are all very different but all capture the spirit of Daisy; confident, strong and empowered in their choices, and for that, we love them.

Pregnant and proud – our very own Sheffield Daisy teacher Fi Hennessy showing us how radiant a pregnant woman can look. [photo credit Amie Parsons Photography]


This mama has celebrated the gift of life by painting her bump with the tree of life.

Birth pools can give incredible pain relief, look how tranquil Delyth looks while she awaits her baby!

This couple seem almost to be in a dance of love, as dad supports mom through her labour [photo credit Sue Lloyd Photography]

As the intensity increases, this mama shows how fierce she is as dad looks on. [photo credit Hazel Hughes Photography]

Freshly arrived in this world, baby shields his eyes from the brightness of the world compared to the womb. [photo credit Sue Lloyd Photography]

The raw emotion on mama’s face as baby is brought to her chest for the first time clearly shows her strength and love.

It’s not just parents for whom birth is a joy – check out the unbridled happiness on the midwife’s face as she welcomes another new life to the world! [photo credit Sue Lloyd Photography]

Baby is carefully raised for parents to see, as doctors carry on working on mama.

Mama gets some cuddles as dad looks proudly on while the caesarean section is completed.

Newton-le-Willows teacher Elouise Oakley enjoys skin to skin time with her brand new Daisy Baby.

Baby stares into mama’s eyes as they meet for the first time.

Both mama and baby enjoy the golden hour together after birth.

Kangaroo care is especially important for babies who are born needing extra care.

Double the love at this twin homebirth.

Even when things don’t go exactly the way you’d hope, there’s no mistaking the love this mama exudes.

Sometimes the newborn period isn’t quite what we expect, but memories like these help us show how far we’ve come.

All babies have the power to surprise us but none more so than this baby’s parents who prepared for Italy but went to Holland

New babies: it’s a family affair.

Big brother can’t believe his eyes when he gets to meet his brand new sister for the first time.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these fabulous pictures as much as we did!

Love Daisy x