Beautiful daughter Aurelia Rose Dias was born yesterday!

Hello Sara, I won’t be at Mondays class as our beautiful daughter Aurelia Rose Dias was born yesterday!

I was induced on Tuesday after concerns of reduced movement. By 5.30am Wednesday my waters broke and I was examined to find I was between 7-8cm dilated which they couldn’t believe. No pain relief whatsoever at this point just some deep focused daisy breathing. I was then taken straight to delivery suite where I was delighted to find the gas and air which was such a help. I managed to experience the birthing pool as I had planned which was lovely with the daisy cd playing throughout. Baby got a little too comfy so I got out of the pool towards the end and by 14.22 she was born.

The midwives were hugely complimentary and asked if I had done any breathing classes! I wanted to send my sincere thanks as the breathing techniques were what got me through the labour.

I can’t recommend the couples workshop enough as Andrew was the most supportive birth companion I could have wishes for. He kept me focused on the breathing techniques, reminding my to loosen my jaw and to rotate to dilate! So the information clearly sank in and he did me proud.

We are in love with our gorgeous daughter and can’t believe she’s ours to keep!!

Thank you once again and good luck to the other ladies, Teresa x