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Winter terms Now Open for Booking!

❄Winter Terms Now Open for Booking!❄
Terms for October, November are now open for Booking! If baby is due in December then October/November may be the last chance you have to prepare for your birthing day with Daisy!
❄Active Antenatal Education
❄Pregnancy Yoga
❄Breathing Techniques for Each Stage of Labour
❄Elements of Hypnobirthing
❄Lovely Relaxations at the End of Each Session
❄Due to popularity I also added a new term of the Daisy Parent Workshop. If Baby is due in January then this workshop is perfect to help you and your partner prepare for your upcoming birth together!
We will cover the whole of the labour journey, talk about what to bring to hospital, how your partner can support you, discuss infant feeding options as well as move onto the 4th trimester and discuss how to take care of yourselves and baby after birth!