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Updated Daisy Birthing Schedule!

🌟Updated Daisy Birthing Schedule!
🌷Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Weekend! 🌷
Tonight we already are in Week 5 of our Daisy Birthing Classes. We will talk about the 2nd Stage of Labour and learn our 3rd Breathing Technique with all its benefits to help baby nudge down the birth canal.
🌷The next term of Daisy Birthing Classes starts Monday 17th April
🌷Active Birth Workshop: Saturday, 15th April and 3rd June, 9:30am
🌷Daisy Newborn Workshop: Saturday, 15th April 2pm
🌷Daisy Baby Tinies Classes: Thursday 27th April – 5 week term
🌷Daisy Parent Workshop: Wednesday 19th April – 🌟Only 1 Space Left!🌟
Bookings for June/July are now Open! This will be the last chance to prepare with Daisy before September, so if Baby is Due in August or September/ early October then this will be perfect for🌟 you!
Links to each Class and Workshop are highlited above for more details and how to book!
/ The Daisy Foundation with Ana Bradley

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!!
It has been a couple weeks that I posted… Simply decided to enjoy the Easter break with my own little family…also realising that there is not much time for anything else when everyone is at home… 😁🥰
To start the holiday off with we had our first Daisy Active Birth Workshop here in Stretford! It was a great morning with some wonderful couples who came along! Of course I forgot to take a picture…as always… however, from the sound of it it was a great success as they all left with a confident smile at the end! 🙂
This is such a special moment to witness as the birthpartners role is such an important one by being able to give practical and emotional support during labour. 😊
Here are some more details of the Daisy Active Birth Workshop.
Different Antenatal classes and Workshops as well as Daisy Baby Tinies Classes are available on my web page, too!