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Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!!
It has been a couple weeks that I posted… Simply decided to enjoy the Easter break with my own little family…also realising that there is not much time for anything else when everyone is at home… 😁🥰
To start the holiday off with we had our first Daisy Active Birth Workshop here in Stretford! It was a great morning with some wonderful couples who came along! Of course I forgot to take a picture…as always… however, from the sound of it it was a great success as they all left with a confident smile at the end! 🙂
This is such a special moment to witness as the birthpartners role is such an important one by being able to give practical and emotional support during labour. 😊
Here are some more details of the Daisy Active Birth Workshop.
Different Antenatal classes and Workshops as well as Daisy Baby Tinies Classes are available on my web page, too!