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Daisy Birthing Anniversary

Daisy Birthing Anniversary
Trying the selfie technique to get a half decent photo …πŸ˜… I couldn’tΒ  not come on tonight as today marks my 1 year anniversary of teaching Daisy Birthing Classes in Stretford! πŸ₯°πŸ₯³
It is absolutely amazing and still takes me by surprise how each year seems to go by even quicker than the one before!
Teaching Daisy Birthing Classes has been my ambition ever since I took classes myself nearly 10 years ago now! Yep, In October it will be offical, mum of a 10 year old right here…! 🫣
Why? Being pregnant changes a person in so many ways! Physically , mentally, your heart grows in so many ways and so many emotions come forward, some we may never have thought of would! And then there is the whole part of giving birth to a new little life!
I thought I kind of knew what to expect… thought that is! … every birth is so different and I couldn’t be more grateful to my own Daisy Birthing teacher making the whole of the labour journey so much more accessible and understandable to me! Most of all, I understood how important it is to be an active participant and feeling confident amongst all the various choices, options and well meaning advice out there!
My absolutle favorite part of teaching Daisy Birthing Classes and Workshops is when I can see the expression of a future parent change from confusion, worry, sometimes anxiouseness to excitment, to someone who feels physically and mentally ready to birth their baby with as much confidence and excitement as possible!
I cant’t wait for this year and what it has to bring, but most of all to be able to help and teach many more future parents help find their way to their own confident birth. After all, it is about what is right for you and for your baby!
Thank you to all who have supported The Daisy Foundation here in Stretford and Surrounding Area! Wishing you all the very best year growing and nurturing your new little ones! πŸ’œπŸ’œ
All of my classes up to August are now open for booking!
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