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Very Excited for Tomorrow!

I am very excited for tomorrows’s Daisy Birthing Active Birth Workshop. 😃
🍁I will be trialing a couple new props, a balloon and a ping pong ball… as we talk about what the cervix is, what impact contractions have and how the cervix effaces and dilates.
You can watch a fellow Daisy Birthing teacher use these props HERE!
🍁You can find out more about our Daisy Active Birth Workshop here. There are also some last minute spaces available!
🍁Upcoming Classes/Workshop:
🍁Daisy Parent Workshop:
Which covers everything from an active labour to assisted delivery, intervention, pain relief options, recovery from birth, infant feeding and how to take care of yourself and baby in the 12 weeks after birth! Dressing, Changing and Safety included – 2nd November
🍂🌞Only 4 Spaces left for the whole workshop! 🍂🌞
A very relaxing weekly antenatal class. We will cover the whole of the labour journey, pregnancy yoga, breathing techniques, hypnobirthing and more… – 7th November
More details on my webpage Here.