/ The Daisy Foundation with Amy Stacey

Is it worth attending classes online?

At the start of 2020, it felt liked COVID was miles away, we saw the news of what was happening in China and then March 2020 arrived and we were in lockdown 1.0 – how things had changed, how life had changed. Used to attending meetings face to face and meeting with friends and family it felt strange to suddenly be learning about new ways of communicating via Zoom, TEAMS and similar. I distinctly remember wondering how on earth this would work for me in terms of social contact and in order to support expectant parents via Daisy Classes. Fast forward to March 2021 and I can say its been a whirl! Online classes have been a saving grace and so many couples have benefited.

In the past, couples would book their antenatal sessions or yoga classes to run in person (what we are used to in order to receive education, support and of course importantly, meet friends). So, I can appreciate there were and are many questions in your head now about attending classes online and maybe there are some reservations about attending in person too (we will talk about that next time!)

What I can say is that for the past year, Zoom has enabled many couples and families to attend birth and baby classes and to gain support during difficult times. By attending online, these couples have been able to prepare for birth together, make new friends (yep it has worked!) and connect. To begin with, I was anxious about whether it would work, whether people could still receive the same support and education and whether people would still make friends, but I need not have worried as it has worked so well.

Maybe you have got some reservations too but I hope the below will answer your questions!

1.  Is it worth doing classes or even booking any when things seem to be so uncertain? 

Absolutely it is worth booking and attending! We have all had to adapt and change. Whilst everything around us may seem uncertain, one this is certain, you are going to have a baby! You are going to give birth and by attending classes you can help yourself feel more positive, empowered and confident about pregnancy, birth and baby’s arrival whether you choose to attend Daisy Birthing pregnancy yoga based classes or an Active Birth Workshop or Daisy Parent and attend as a couple.

Even if you have had a baby before, there is always new things to learn and each pregnancy and birth is so different.

Just because we now live in a time, where things are a little restricted, preparation for birth is no less important than it was a year ago. By attending classes you can make a difference to how you feel, understand your choices and options, gain valuable skills to help you and of course meet others.

2. Will I still make friends online?

A B S O L U T E L Y!

I know a lot of people attend antenatal classes to meet friends with parents with similar due dates and of course by attending classes you can do that! Whether face to face or online, there is always time in class to connect with others, chat and we arrange a social media and WhatsApp group to encourage discussions, support and friendship. Even if online, there are still postnatal reunions too!

Classes run live via Zoom, so there are no pre-recorded sessions, giving you the opportunity to interact, share and laugh. There is plenty of time to chat!

By attending online, you still have that opportunity to make new friends and many of the parents and women attending classes have formed support networks over the past year (they have been a great help to so many in times of isolation and lockdown) and so many magical moments have been shared.

3. I am worried about being on camera. 

If you have concerns, of course you are welcome to attend with your camera off or with a picture instead. Or if you would prefer to attend privately 1:1 you can also arrange this option. Trust me, it is not as bad as it may seem (I remember thinking the same thing!) And one thing is for sure, whether you attend with your camera on or off, you can still interact if you want to, you can still receive the same quality empowering birth and baby preparation and you still get support and the opportunity to make friends.

4. Will I have to purchase extra equipment to do the course? 


For most of the courses, you don’t need anything extra! (sometimes this can be provided). For the baby care elements of Daisy Parent, most things can be improvised if you wish to practice, though there will be demonstrations! So you don’t need to buy extra things and you would be amazed at how much stuff you probably already have. If you have got a gym ball for birth (more of that another time but a MUST have!) then great but you don’t have to and if you have got a yoga mat for Daisy birthing then again great, but not essential. Over the past year, we have improvised if needed and had fun delivering the sessions to expectant parents. The only essential thing you need is, a cup of tea and pen and paper (but you might not even want the pen and paper as you will receive an information package too)!

For those of you wondering about the pregnancy yoga based, Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal Classes and what you would need….literally you can attend in your pjs if you want. To make it more relaxing and get that oxytocin going (again more of that another time) you might wish to dim the lights, light some candles and wear comfy clothes but ultimately equipment wise you don’t need anything. You just turn up via Zoom and relax! I absolutely love it.

And of course, you will need a device to log in via Zoom but that’s it!

Ultimately, whilst everything around us now seems more positive but perhaps still uncertain, one thing is definitely certain, by attending antenatal classes online you will still receive all of the support, all of the top tips and education and of course the chance to meet others and gain a support network building friendships, whilst in the comfort of your home!

You deserve to feel empowered, positive, informed and ready for birth and baby’s arrival and I can guarantee you will feel so much more positive by attending.

You can achieve a positive birth, even if you attend online. 

Can’t wait to meet you!