A positive birth story – Baby Zain

A positive birth story – Baby Zain, born in hospital at 39 weeks…..

Just to let you know, I had baby yesterday at 4pm weighing 8 Ibs 4- the little pudding!!!


Labour wasn’t as bad as I thought- my waters broke at 11.30pm the night before (although didn’t realise it was my waters at the time!) then had contractions through the night but managed to get plenty of rest and sleep through some of them. The following morning, using all the useful techniques, centred breathing and eventually escalator breathing and positions from the classes, I coped with the contractions at home until they were approx. 2-3 mins apart lasting 40-60 seconds! Arrived at hospital at 2.30pm to discover I was already fully dilated!!

With a little help from gas and air, I was only pushing for around half an hour and then out popped our chunky monkey!! Also, he had moved from posterior to the ideal anterior position by the time labour began. The midwives were congratulating me on how well I coped with the pain being fully dilated by the time we reached hospital, but I have to say a lot of it was down to what you taught me in your classes! So thank you so much for helping me to have a calm, easier than I ever imagined labour!!

As told by Zane’s Mummy to her Daisy Teacher Charlotte Collins