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The home of confident pregnancy, birth and
early motherhood/parenthood

Daisy offers an incredible continuity of care from conception through until baby is two. With both local and online options and a selection of classes, workshops and group sessions that meet the needs of expectant mums and new parents from early pregnancy right through to toddlerhood – a continuous perinatal support that helps you to achieve a positive pregnancy, confident birth and an informed and supported journey to confident motherhood/parenthood.

Ways to access Education, Community and Support from Daisy

Daisy Local

Find your nearest Daisy Teacher to attend live local classes and workshops to support your confident pregnancy, birth and early motherhood/parenthood journey within your local community.

Daisy Local

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Daisy Online

When there just isn’t a Daisy Local Teacher nearby or accessing classes isn’t an option for you – we have a whole new way to access the best of Daisy, online and from the comfort of your own home! Watch this space for our 10 week online journeys – The Confident Birth Antenatal Class and The Confident Baby Postnatal Class – coming in the New Year!

Daisy Online

At Daisy we believe that

What makes The Daisy Foundation so different

Join the Daisy Mama Membership Today

Enjoy a confident pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey with the Mama Membership from Daisy!

With plenty of free resources and a premium subscriber option to access unlimited support, education and community from the comfort of your own home – enjoy comprehensive antenatal and postnatal education, active birth classes, baby activities, education and community support!

With both desktop access and our Daisy Mama app for true accessibility, it’s never been easier to have support at your fingertips.
Become a member using our discount code DAISYMAMA15 via the desktop version and make the most of 15% off every single month!