Antenatal Classes in Essex with Lynn Zanatta

Antenatal Classes  in Essex – Essex, Havering, Brentwood and Surrounding Area

Lynn offers Antenatal Classes in Essex and Pregnancy Classes for mums-to-be and Birthing Couples Workshops in Essex, Havering, Brentwood and Surrounding Area.

Meet Lynn

“I’m Lynn, a local mum of four girls, one of whom was born at Queens Hospital Romford, the other three were born in planned homebirths at my house, within my local trust, BHRUT. I’m teaching Daisy Birthing classes because I feel strongly that knowledge is key to having a birth experience that you feel connected to and love that Daisy provides this in such a unique and practical format.

Giving birth is such an amazing life event but, like many mums, when pregnant with my first, I felt fearful of the unknown. I explored various different approaches to antenatal care and ended up combining elements of several to find the right balance of practical knowledge, movements and relaxation techniques, all the while wishing there were classes in my area offering this. Little did I know at the time that Daisy Birthing classes epitomised all this!!! I’m proud to now be offering these in our area and feel that they can help prepare mums no matter how they are planning to give birth and importantly, do so in a way that mums can adapt as their own very personal birthing journey unfolds.

It’s important to me that Daisy offers a multi-faceted approach to preparing for childbirth; focusing on both mind and body as my own birthing experiences have shown me that there is no ‘magic method’ that suits all mums or all births. To have a virtual ‘toolkit’ of ideas, both practical in terms of movements, positioning etc, knowledge-based through education and yet also covering emotional aspects to help dispel anxieties and build confidence was important to me during labour; having the flexibility to vary my approach as my labour unfolded. Knowing that each week at a Daisy class that you are working to prepare important birthing muscles is also something I really believe helps mums to feel connected to baby during pregnancy and feel empowered about their birthing from the outset. Can you tell that I love what I teach?!

I’ve been teaching Daisy classes since 2013, following the birth of my second child.  After the birth of my third child in 2015 at home, the midwives commented on how calm and beautiful my birth was.  When I recall my birth experiences, I feel so proud of what my baby and I achieved together.  Throughout my pregnancy, Daisy simply supported me and I feel honoured to pass on our good quality antenatal education, practical active birthing movements and relaxation and breathing techniques and my regular practice with complete conviction and first hand experience.  It’s a privilege to support other women along their own unique birthing journey, whatever type of birth they are planning and however it plays out for them on their day and I believe that the many reviews posted about the Daisy Birthing classes I run in Havering bear testament to my passion.

During my time teaching Daisy classes, I have welcomed many mums expecting first, second or subsequent babies, those planning around a c-section birthing, those planning a VBAC and many other variations – there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ birth!! Some mums have faced physical challenges during their pregnancy and Daisy is usually able to support these mums too, making adaptations to movements in classes to accommodate ailments such as SPD and also even sometimes help ease common pregnancy niggles. I love that classes are completely all encompassing, welcoming and non-judgemental and not just for the super-fit or super-bendy!! I hope to welcome you to a Daisy class here in Havering soon and would be happy to chat with you if you wanted to call me for any more information. ”

To read Lynn’s birthing story you can read it here in our blog


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